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You want a ticket to our program as fast as you can get one.

Imagine the grand opening of the most incredible movie ever.

You need to get in line and wait to pay for your ticket. If for some reason you get impatient and leave the line or lose your ticket, you cannot get into the movie.

This is like clicking the VIP Access link on this page and then not completing your registration. You need to join AND click the link in your confirmation email to get your ticket.

Now, what if you could get ahead of the long line, especially if there are prizes given to the early purchasers? This is like purchasing your VIP ticket online, so you can cut in line ahead of others.

The nice part is, all you have to do is register your ticket for FREE just by clicking the VIP Access button. Later you can purchase your ticket for $15 and move ahead of all those that do not have VIP Access.

You will be behind the VIP person who registered for FREE before you, so get registered FAST to get ahead of even many VIP ticket holders.

What do you have to lose? It is FREE to watch the movie. You only pay for the ticket after you watch the movie, so you will know everything in order to make a decision.


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