Productivity Pays!

Earn the Pool 2 by 4

  • Pool Points - Producers
  • 2 Children - 4 Grandchildren
  • Purchase of Advertising is Critical
  • VIP Access is Critical
  • 4 Phases in Pre-Launch

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Note: The content below can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page. The current video above does not follow the script but is additional information and will be modified to match the script below soon. We are NOT a pyramid. All transactions are for the sale of advertising of ebooks paid directly from purchaser to earner.

How do I become a producer, what kind of productivity are we talking about, and what does it mean to me? These are the most important questions you can ask about our program.

Everything is based around advertising. In the case of this metaphor, you are advertising to get new individuals to become tenants in your High Rise.

The top producers will teach their children how to market the advertising and then teach their children (their grandchildren) to teach their children to advertise.

All Pool Fees are paid to top producers regardless of income. Productivity is defined as earning a pool point. Each time you refer two children who become tenants and they combined refer four children (your grandchildren), you will receive a pool point. If you refer four children and they combined refer eight children, you will receive a second pool point, etc.

The total pool points are added up and your percentage of pool points will determine your percentage of the value of the current pool. This can be very significant! Pool Fees make up (36% - 39%) of the total commissions. This is paid to individuals who build a team.

This process will always have the top earners circulating currency to the top producers. Anyone can be a top producer regardless of earnings, provided they out produce everyone else during a pool period.

The first Pool will pay at the end of pre-launch and it will be significant. The company goal is to have over 100,000 paid members at the end of the first pre-launch. Based on mathematics, it is estimated that 75% of all people in a Pair Tree will not qualify, because they have not enrolled any or only enrolled one child. Out of the other 25%, only a percentage will earn any points by teaching two, to get two. You can figure out what a pool point can be worth.

Notice: In addition to Pool Points helping you earn extra income, they are used to determine positioning in the company Pair Tree at the end of a pre-launch.

As example, as stated above, 75% will not have any points, so if you get just two children and teach them to do the same, all as tenants during pre-launch, 75% of the tenants would come after you in the company Pair Tree.

Finally, you get two extra position points for buying advertising in our Phase Two eBook and five extra position points for buying advertising in our Phase Three eBook. Phases One, Two, and Three start at the same time during our initial pre-launch.

The date and time of purchasing your eBook in a Phase breaks ties.

Your date of purchase of the Phase 0 eBook, named "Circulating Currency" adjusts the date of the pre-launch Phase eBooks back to your initial Ticket purchase.

The date you register for VIP Access will adjust your Circulating Currency eBook to the date you join free, provided you purchase your $15 advertising in the Circulating Currency eBook prior to starting the pre-launch.

Your strategy should be to:

  • Get in FAST FREE
  • Get many children FAST FREE
  • Teach them to get many children (your grandchildren) FAST FREE
  • Pay for the Circulating Currency eBook as soon as available
  • Pay for advertising in as many pre-launch eBooks of interest to you at $30, $300 and $140
  • Tell everyone to do the same to get the best real estate in the High Rise

If you exercise the VIP Access and purchase the Circulating Currency, you take the pressure off the date-time stamp for purchasing your eBooks during pre-launch, because you will have fixed your starting position.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.