Withdraw from Master Wallet

You can withdraw FROM your Master Wallet Reserve to your bitcoin address registered under "Accounts" in your Control Panel. This is "SERIOUS"! Make sure your bitcoin address is correct, because when you push the button it is SENT! If it is the wrong address or if someone has your password to change the address, there is NOTHING we can fix.

We will provide a warning NOTE, AFTER you withdraw, if your IP address is not the same as your original registration IP. This is to alert you that you or SOMEONE else has access to your Equity from a different computer, unless your internet provider constantly changes your IP address. If the IP is different and it is not changed by your provider, we HIGHLY recommend you review your bitcoin address in your account AND change your PIN and Password.

Enter the amount in Satoshies you want to transfer. Also, enter the purpose for your transfer so you will have a record for the reason of the transaction.

Check your Master Wallet Reserve before doing this transaction. Due to rapid bitcoin miner fee fluctuation, you will be billed an additional fee in Satoshi to cover the fee. Make sure you have sufficient funds to pay the fee.

You are allowed two withdrawals for $2 or more of equity PLUS the miner's fee to teach you how the withdraw process works. After two withdraws, you MUST withdraw a minimum of $30 of equity PLUS the miner's fee per withdrawal. Reminder - Wallets can only receive equity based on sales of advertising. If you withdraw what you need to qualify, you will lose equity until you earn enough for qualification from new sales.

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