TheProject Step Up Request

Use the following form to request Step Up in TheProject. Step Up is a voluntary decision to share to TheProject larger amounts and consequently allow you to receive larger Equity Points. There is no way to "purchase" a Step Up. You must earn it. The first "Step" is when you purchase the eBook ad for $5.00. The second Step Up will be available when you earn $30 and later when you earn an additional $300 the third Step Up will be avilable. You must have purchased your Phase0 Circulating Currency $15 ad to qualify for Step Up. All qualifications for levels are based on the $5.00 ad sales and teaching teams of two who get two. For each team of 2 / 4 selling $5.00 ads, you will receive an additional generation of sharing starting on the third generation for the first team. You automatically receive two generations just by purchaseing your ad in the eBook and then voluntarily sharing for each step. Every field below is part of our security system. Your Name and Email must be exactly as recorded including capitalization and spacing.