PPEC Support


Mall Set Up and Verification
You must verify your PPEC Mall ID before payments are made but ONLY AFTER PHASE2 IS ACTIVE. This is just a test.

Instructions: The following links are used to view and manage your PPEC Mall. Currently we are in Phase 0 and the PPEC Mall will not be fully functional until Phase 2.  You will be able to purchase the eBook for the mall in the Prelaunch.  You can simulate joining the mall with the Create a Temporary Mall entry.  Make sure your email matches the email in the PPEC.

Current USER ID is Unknown

Cancel Mall Request
If you changed your email address, or requested your Mall verification before you had a Mall entry, or you get any other error, you will need to cancel the Mall request before you can try verifying again.

Create a TEMP Mall Entry

You must have created a Mall entry before you can verify above.
Only ONE Mall Entry with matching email address is allowed.


Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.