Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy Works Like an Auction; if it breaks you get both halves.

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Due to the nature of our product, advertising at the top of PDF eBooks, there can be no refunds because once you have received the advertising link we cannot withdraw or prevent your use of the link now or in the future.

It is like selling you an ad in a newspaper.  Once they print it, it cannot be withdrawn.

The second feature is that commissions are paid immediately to the referral of the advertising through bitcoin.  Bitcoin is NON-reversible and virtually impossible to retrieve funds once sent to a bitcoin address.

However, if for some reason you overpay your purchase, the software builds in a refund on the INITIAL transaction and returns any overpayment to your bitcoin change account at the same time it pays all other parties.  If you underpay the advertising, the software returns your funds before creating any commissions.

You can feel safe to know huge accidental payments are automatically built into returning your funds.

There is a nominal fee of up to $0.49 to cover transactions costs on any refunds do to math errors. You agree this fee can be increased if the bitcoin transaction fees increase.

Revised on: July 4th, 2016
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