Who is the PPEC and how do you contact us.

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The PPEC is not a company, it is a philosophy.  It is the software to run the entire Equity Distribution Formula of all parts of the system as a DAO without human intervention.  The complete system integration as a DAO is not complete as of the date of this writing but in general could easily be run automatically already.

The software is stand alone and does not need any external company software; however, currently the software calls on industry standard bitcoin software to expedite some procedures.

All transactions are processed on the blockchain and can be picked up anyplace in the world.  We have no control on where the bitcoin is picked up or processed on the blockchain.  When you request your payment, the software serves up a QR code which is generated from the wallet functions of bitcoin.  The QR code displayed on the website was more than likely generated from India but may be generated form many international locations depending on your location and the time of request.

What this means to you is there is NO contact person for ERRORS in your transactions.  If you pay the wrong addresses or your bitcoin software is not working, the PPEC cannot control those actions.

If you do your transactions as directed by the software and complete your transactions with full payment, and you record the bitcoin address and the invoice code on the QR code when presented, the PPEC software can track everything on the blockchain with that transaction.

Basically, the PPEC software is a side chain accounting system to track your blockchain transactions. In this case “we” can access records from the blockchain to determine where your funds came from and where they directly went to. We only track transactions and verify them, YOU must make all transactions.

“We” will eventually become the PPEC Management Company in Phase3.  The Management Company will be the management and support for communication to the PPEC software.  The Management Company will oversee the day to day operation of the “system”.

There is a discussion on the relationships of the software, products, the mall, the management and coop in the Frequently Asked Questions at

The intended goal will be 30% ownership of the PPEC Management company by stockholders and 70% ownership by Genus Enterprises which will be turned over to 70% control to a coop of the customers participating in phase1 with one person one vote.

In the meantime, you can reach the PPEC through

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