PPEC Registration

Direct PPEC registration has been moved to MyCryptoPatent (IPF). The PPEC Referral ID is 10000 higher in the IPF.

New members cannot purchase or step up in the PPEC until this program merges new IPF IDs back to the new PPEC software. Anyone registering in the IPF will have a corresponding ID in the PPEC when reopened for busienss maintaining sponsor chain. All previous accounts can still purchase, step up, and withdraw within the PPEC. But NO new signups will occur here. New members will join via the IPF and later will be added to your orgnization in the PPEC once they purchase eBook advertising and the PPEC is upgraded to the new software.

You will be redirected to the IPF once validating your Referral's ID and submitting this form. Make sure the initial Referral ID is the same at the IPF registration page but 10000 higher.

Robot Catcher

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You will be re-directed to the IPF for Registration..

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