Pools & Fees

Pool Fees circulate the Equity Points to producers.

  • Fees
  • After Double Investment Return
  • 5% to Business
  • 5% - 35% to the Pool
  • Pool Pays Producers

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What are Pool Fees? In reality, in every economy you have the necessary evil of governance and a way to provide for the support of those less fortunate.

Every economy tries to figure out how to tax those doing well to pay for those in need of help. If you read about the circulating currency system, you know that either the governments start to steal your taxes or they use the taxes for political gain to pay to an entitlement society. Eventually, the workers stop producing because they are tired of paying for those that are able, but not willing to produce.

Our economy also needs governance. However, we only take a percentage of your earnings AFTER you have received double your investment. In general, this means you will be taxed after two personal tenants in the first building or four tenants residing under your control in the High Rise. The calculated amount is based on direct and matching pay. As example, on the second floor above your management suite, there are only four real tenants from whom you could receive a direct payment. At 50%, you would receive back your investment. However, you could have MANY children and grandchildren managing suites all over the High Rise, and each could be receiving payments from the second floor above their management suite. This could create far greater than twice your investment from your second floor models, because you will receive 25% of each of those payments from the tenants of your children and grandchildren.

The development company takes 5% of your excess profits discussed above from each floor to pay overhead and company profit.

In addition, our less fortunate are individuals who missed the beginning or other reasons, but are willing to produce to share in the current business. These individuals have no tenants and must start from scratch. They are not looking for a handout, but a hand up. Our economy works because we circulate a large percentage (36% - 39%) of the tenant payments to those doing the most work.

The Pool Fee increases from 5% on the first floor tenant purchases, in 5% increments, all the way to 35% on seventh floor tenant purchases.

This means, those making the least in income will pay the least in Pool Fees and those making the most will pay the highest Pool Fees. Nobody will miss these Fees, because they are scaled to where the outrageous income for the top earners will not be as outrageous, but very significant to the individual managers really needing the funds to get started.

This process will have the effect of circulating funds from the top earners back to the top producers. This will stimulate the economy and start it all over again. That is what circulating currency is about.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.