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  • Timing is Important
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  • Teaching is Important

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Note: The content below can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page. The current video above does not follow the script but is additional information and will be modified to match the script below soon.

You are now in the movie. You are seated according to when you entered the door and you know this has some major advantage for you because you had a VIP ticket.

After the movie starts, you are sure happy you did not listen to others who wanted to give their opinion, based on one movie trailer they saw. They never knew the whole picture.

The movie is about a brand new property with a shared community. The building is shiny and new with an ever expanding number of suites on higher floors with the best view and the most suites on the top floor. There are twice as many beautiful suites on each floor as you move up the building, with many single unit suites on the first floor.

There are many manager suites throughout the High Rise with three models to show. Each manager has the key to an elevator for access to seven floors of suites above the managers' suites, which he or she can receive commissions. The price doubles for each suite per floor starting with the lowest prices on the first floor above the manager's suite and the highest prices on the seventh floor above the manager's suite.

At the end of the movie you are given the opportunity to refer tenants to the pre-launch opening of the new building. The offers are given to the first VIP ticket holders and then to the remaining ticket holders based on their position in the movie line.

But there is a catch. Your position in the building, and the commission you collect from new tenants, depends on how many tenants to whom you can sell the property and TEACH others to do the same.

Ties are broken by your Vip Ticket Number, even if you pay for your vip ticket after other VIP Ticket owners, as long as you register your ticket for FREE first.

There is another catch, you must purchase your model suites on a floor prior to your tenants purchase of a suite on that floor, or you cannot receive the commission.

Finally, the movie ends telling you the path you must follow to receive the maximum commission. That path starts as a Concierge.


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