High Rise Rent

Collect second through seventh floor payments from the Pair Tree.

  • High Rise Advantage
  • Performance Based
  • Invest in Models
  • 50% from Tenants
  • 50% Match on Children
  • 50% Match on Grandchildren
  • Fees

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Investing in the High Rise has significant financial advantages. You can potentially receive commissions on the purchases of suites from ANYONE, no matter what VIP door they entered. Who you receive payments from depends on how well you perform at advertising the building, compared to all others on the first floor who are also advertising during the pre-sale (or pre-launch).

When you purchase your first floor suite, you are given the key to an elevator, which will access your management suite someplace in the High Rise. You manage the elevator to the floors above your management suite in the High Rise. Technically, you are given the opportunity to invest in each of the three model suites for floors two through seven above your management suite connected to your two elevators. Anyone that enters your elevator and purchases a suite on your floors will pay you 50% of the suite price, if you have first invested in the model suites for that floor.

You only need to invest in ONE suite in a set on a floor to receive 50% of the suite price for ALL suites of that model sold on that floor. In other words, if you invest in the lowest priced model suite on floor two, you can receive payment on the four lowest priced suites on that floor. If you invested in all three model suites on floor two, you could receive payment on all twelve of the suites on floor two.

The table below shows how many suite sets are on each floor and the total suites per floor. There are three different priced models of suites in each set. You could potentially receive 50% of the sale price on each suite of a model, if you invested in ONE equal value model suite in that set. In other words, if you do not invest in a model before a tenant purchases one of those models, the payment will be given to the first manager before you who invested in that model suite. The positive side of this is: if you invested in a model where others fail to invest in their model, you will receive their commissions.

One of each of the three models is in each set shown in the chart below.

Your Management Suite


The program is designed, so that you only need two set tenants on each floor to recover your investment for that floor's models. All other tenants are profit.

Here is the catch, each floor you receive payment from has a limited number of suites and everyone potentially could at any time purchase a suite you control. If a tenant pays for a suite before you invest in that floor model, you never receive the commission on that suite. You are still required to invest in the models on that floor BEFORE you can invest in higher floor suites, even if you missed the commission. Therefore, invest in your models each floor before tenants move in.

You remember, from the movie, that everyone you invite into the business (your children) and every child they invite (your grandchildren) will tell their tenants to send 25% of their rent payment to you, provided you have qualified by investing in the model and floor they are paying for, no matter where they live in the building. This is exciting, because you technically will be receiving a 50% match on what your children and grandchildren receive in rent. You know it is very important to teach them how to reach new tenants to increase everyone's profit. Keep in mind, if you are not qualified as a parent or grandparent, your commission will be given to the owner of the building to cover costs and take care of the building operation.

Now it is time to learn where your Pool Fees go. They are taken out on an increasing scale from each higher floor, after you have received double what you paid for your model suites.


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