First Floor Rent

Collect first floor rent from all personal invited tenants.

  • Unlimited First Floor Commissions
  • First Three No Committment
  • In Profit After Your First Two Sales
  • Same Tenants in New Buildings

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Note: The content below can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page. The current video above does not follow the script but is additional information and will be modified to match the script below soon.

Because your friends are interested in becoming tenants, you decide to study everything about how commissions are earned.

The movie said, "the first building only has a first floor, but it has an unlimited number of suites." The cost for the lifetime ownership in this building is $15 and you receive a $10 commission on each of your tenants. After two personal referrals, you have enough to purchase your own first floor suite, and with three referrals, you have a profit plus your suite.

You discover the company already has three other High Rise buildings. Because you registered your ticket, you can collect the commissions on the first three tenants you refer to each of those buildings.

The cost for the first floor suites in the buildings is $30, $300, and $140. Your commission on tenant sales are $20, $200, and $40 respectively. You know your possible commission is $780 without you paying for your ticket, if you invite three tenants to each building. Interestingly, you can sell suites to the same three tenants in all four buildings, instead of needing twelve separate tenants.

You then purchase a suite in the other three buildings for a one-time $470 knowing you could receive $260 from every tenant you refer...forever, if they buy suites in all three buildings. You do not have to buy a suite in every building, but it is in your best interest, if you are going to keep referring tenants.

The movie explained, your commission is a little less because there is a maintenance and bonus pool fee of 10% of your commissions. This starts with the third tenant for each building.

The movie stated, you will be given a management suite somewhere in the High Rise. You will have the opportunity to sell suites on the second through seventh floors above your management suite.

You decide to check out the management suites.


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