The Concierge

Collect rent from three personal invited tenants.

  • Ticket Holders can be a Concierge
  • Paid on First 3 Referrals
  • Special Future Positioning

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Because you ordered a VIP ticket and watched the movie, you are allowed to be the Concierge with your own special VIP entrance into the new High Rise building. Even before you pay for your ticket, you are given the opportunity to personally invite others to purchase a First Floor suite. In fact, everyone who registered for a ticket is provided their own VIP entrance to invite friends and others.

As the Concierge, you receive almost 100% of the allowed commission for the first three personally invited tenants. There is a slight 10% operations charge for the third tenant.

You get to collect from the first three tenants in the current and ALL new buildings the company builds, even if you cannot afford to pay for your ticket or suite.

You also know that because you hold a VIP ticket, you can receive special treatment for occupancy in any new building the company builds in the future.

If you want to sell more suites, you must purchase your own First Floor suite.


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