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Note: The content below can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page. The current video above does not follow the script but is additional information and will be modified to match the script below soon.

Notice: This website is a Metaphor for how our system works. We have NOTHING to do with real estate, commissions, theaters, taxes, matching pay, holding or transferring funds, hotels, time shares, lotteries, investments, barter or just about anything on these web pages. We only use the metaphors, because it is easier to understand our complex economic system. We propose an economic system where individuals voluntarily participate peer to peer for the betterment of their community.

If you have not done so already, you need to visit the Vision tab at the top left of one of the pages. If you do not know our vision, you do not know what you are signing up for on this Fast Start introduction.

The full vision is to create a decentralized system, controlled by the people, providing a financial stream based on productivity. That financial stream will be funneled into a barter economy where individuals deal directly with the entire organization for any product or service they have to offer. The end goal will be to provide money, health, energy, food and water to the community without any centralized government control.

The rest of this website will explain to you our system and focus on reasons for joining our program fast for FREE, tell everyone to join fast for FREE and teach them to teach others to join fast for FREE. Next, obtain your products as soon as possible starting at $15 and teach everyone to do the same.

Our entire system is built around a one of a kind marketing and reward system, with specific training in the form of short videos, targeting the answer to specific questions.

Every page will have a menu bar at the top of the website with a black background. The system is designed to target the mobile community. Therefore, shrink your browser down to the size of a cell phone to see what it would look like on a phone, or use a phone when looking at the website like most of our target market will be doing.

Typically the top left of every page will link to our Wikipedia website. This Fast Start website links to our Vision in the top left. Next, you will see a series of links across the top, which you can click on to see more information. Finally, the top right of the menu bar will contain links to more categories. On this Fast Start site, your only choice for other categories will be to register first for VIP Access.

The VIP Access is a pre-registration. Make sure you look at the other links on the top of this website to understand the difference between pre-registration and completing registration. To complete registration, you will receive an email, which you must verify and create your password and PIN. At that time, you will be provided a User ID and links to the rest of the program.

Enjoy the tour through the links at the top of this website. Then click the VIP Access tab at the top right of the page and start the registration process. You have NOTHING to lose to look for FREE, and EVERYTHING to gain, especially if you act fast and perform.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.

Warning: This entire compensation plan and software, including this Metaphor explaination is under copyright. Do not copy ANY of the material in any form on any of the websites. Use the website code for you and access the material directly from the website.

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